Privacy and Security Principles

Free access (rights and permissions)

In the Journal of Contemporary Management, the guidelines for access to articles will be open and will be issued under the CC-BY license. Indeed, in order to support the researchers, no fees are incurred for quality review, plagiarism, text editing, online hosting, publication and receipt of archives. Will not be available so the published articles will be available to everyone free from time to time. The release is open and completely free.

At the time of submitting the articles, the Terms and Conditions allow it to agree to any terms and conditions contained on the website.

Dear authors, there are a number of articles that are currently available for free reading on the site. It is possible to edit, publisher, modify, retrieve, delete, publish at the time of publication, or even later if there are any conflicts with the Quarterly.
It is good that after a year of publishing the author's article, if you would like to publish it through your website or social network.

We will participate in a number of international initiatives to ensure that the necessary privileges and rules are in place.

Data analysis

The full text of the article, metadata, and quotes are not allowed without permission, but we are happy to send you an email with us to obtain your permission so that after the investigation, the result of your service is presented. Please indicate in your letter that you intend to re-use the content of the Quarterly. For example, refer to the article number or link to the article published on the magazine's website.

Allow to use other content

The author's responsibility is to allow the use of the content (such as the figures) from another publication in any article submitted to our journals and to ensure that any use of it as a source is not permitted. Otherwise, the release may be postponed. If you have changed a digit of a previously published digit, please contact the copyright holders and whether you are authorized to do so.

This site is protected by copyright. Users with access to the Copyright Center may obtain permission to publish content. There are no legal issues in the Quarterly, such as fair dealing or fair use, or in other areas of jurisdiction that are affected.
However, through the referee, we try to ensure that information, data, and other content are error free and up to date. However, if some of the entries contain errors, we will not warrant (express or implied) the accuracy or applicability We do not own any content and we do not assume any responsibility for the use of this website and any liability for any errors, omissions or misleading statements. In each case, such deprivation is subject to any liability theory, and we specifically exclude liability for indirect, specific, consequential and incidental damages, which, regardless of the possibility of damages arising out of the current management of contemporary management.

The veracity of statements from the reality;
The accuracy of scientific findings or observations;
Scientific or non-scientific statements and quotations;
In summary, any responsibility for the material published in the journal is purely to the author of the article.
The responsibility for such issues will not be the responsibility of the magazine, its owners, publishers, reviewers, translators, and staff.