Aims and scope

Aims and scope
Commentary management scope covers all aspects of organization management specialty top level of management and management of resource also some topic of management that will come in this page. The single most important criterion for acceptance in quarterly is scientific excellence. Research papers (articles and reports) should therefore pose and test a significant hypothesis or address a significant question, and should provide novel perspectives that advance our understanding of development. We also encourage submission of papers that use computational methods or mathematical models to obtain significant new insights into developmental management topics. Manuscripts that are descriptive in nature will be considered only when they lay important groundwork for a field and/or provide novel resources for understanding developmental processes of broad interest to the community.
In cases where authors are unclear whether a potential submission fits within the journal’s scope, we are happy to provide rapid feedback on a presubmission enquiry - please email us.
  • Topics of Aims and scope
    • Management By focus (within an organization)
      • Top level of Management
        • Management Philosophy
        • Management Theories
        • Strategic Management
        • Development Management
        • Islamic Management
        • Change Management
        • Communication Management
        • Cross-Cultural Management
        • Innovation Management
        • Performance Management
        • Management Development
        • Risk Management
      • Management of Resource
        • I&T Management
          • Information Management
          • Technology Management
          • Information Technology Management
          • Knowledge Management
        • Human Resources Management
        • Time Management
        • Skills Management
        • Management Skills and Activities
          • Decision-making
          • Forecasting
          • Leadership
    • Topic
      • Public Administration
      • Business Administration
      • Management Control
      • Management Cybernetics
      • Management System
      • Organizational behavior Management
      • Organization Development