:: The role of mystical teachings in the man-agement of Iranian administrative agencies ::

Mohammad Keshavarz : PhD student : - : - : Public adminstration - Organizational Behavior : Semnan university :

Religious and mystical teachings are one of the constantly respected human beings and are considered to be the most im-portant dimensions of human life. In re-cent decade’s attention to ethics and spirit-uality for the survival and sustainability of organizations has been considered as an important factor. Understanding the nature of mysticism, the views of mysticism and understanding the role of mystical teach-ings in management are the issues that are discussed in this article. In the era of mo-dernity and technological transition, and subsequent changes, the need to address the important category of mystical doc-trines is evident in reaching outcomes such as effective leadership, motivation, com-munication, and so on. Mystical insight can be used as a tool for improving em-ployee productivity, efficient management and leadership, and effective interaction. Therefore, this paper can be used as a ba-sis for deep research in understanding the nature of mysticism and its role in improv-
> Mystical teachings, administrative organi-zations, spirituality, communication
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