:: Examining effective factors of emphasising the quality of the relationship between buyers and sellers ::

Baqeri Qare Belaq : PhD student : Unknown : Unknown : : :

The relationalmarketing is at the heart of the activities which are is search for crea-tion, increments, and maintaining success-ful exchanges between the customers and other organizations (institutions). Retaining the customers is the key factor of being successful in industrial markets and the main part of managing the relationship with the customers. Creating and increasing the relationship with customers is one of the main priorities of most of the companies. Because loyal customers are much more profitable than the customers who just care for prices. in addition a company that suc-ceeds in strong development with its cus-tomers will achieve a lasting advantage that rivals cannot easily understand , emulate or replace it. The profession of the marketers in maintaining the long term relationships with customers is a key of competitive ad-vantage in industrial markets.
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