:: Survey of performance evaluation and quality improvement in iranian higher education system ::

Mohammad Keshavarz : PhD student : - : - : Public adminstration - Organizational Behavior : Semnan university :

Quality and performance evaluation has always been one of the most important issues in the field of management. Different countries and organizations are always looking to improve their performance and achieve higher quality and productivity. The higher education system has also been seeking to improve key performance indicators.Therefore, university evaluation processes are an inevitable part in measuring their desirability and can not be ignored. Patterns of university quality assurance, a variety of methods for evaluating and improving the quality of universities, evaluation and quality assessment models in universities, and a comparative study among educational systems in different countries are among the issues discussed in this paper.In the processes of education, research and activities of the higher education system in our country, there are a number of shortcomings and weaknesses that require a detailed and strategic study of the various issues of the higher education system at micro and macro levels. Therefore, the present paper can be used as a theoretical source for professional research in relation to the recognition of the higher education system and how to evaluate the quality and improve the status of universities.
> Performance evaluation, Quality improvement, Higher education system, University
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