:: Rejection in the workplace: an effective factor in increasing emotional exhaustion ::

Iqbal Jabbari : PhD student : Unknown : Unknown : Public adminstration - Organizational Behavior : Semnan University :

Organizations tend to be dynamic, and they tend to have a dynamic environment in order to exploit the dynamic organizational environment. In forming such organizations, human capital plays a key role. The performance of the organization is directly affected by the performance of the staff. A dynamic employee can create a dynamic and productive organization. In this way, there are factors that prevent organizations from moving into dynamism and productivity, among which are the factors of dismissal in the workplace.Workplace exclusion causes employees not to have constructive relationships and to be isolated and frustrated at the workplace, and that employees are not able to engage their mental and physical forces in tasks and missions. The purpose of this study was to study the different dimensions of deprivation in the workplace and its impact on emotional exhaustion of employees.
> Workplace rejection, emotional exhaustion, burnout
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