:: Examining Special Terms of Islamic Management in Russian Language(Case Study: Reviewing the Translation of the Records, Responsive Titles and Expressions of Religious Leaders) ::

Neda Mohammad Hosseini : Bachelor : - : - : Russian language translation : Mashhad Ferdowsi University :
Seyed Mahdi Soheili Moghadam : PhD student : - : - : Information Technology Management : Southern Federal University in Russia :

Nowadays, materialistic management are faced with serious trouble. some scholars have been looking for a way out of these conditions for Islamic management. Obviously, the transfer of specialized concepts in the form of words in some cases is accompanied by a failure in which the importance of language as the transect of concepts is taken into consideration. Religious expressions, in particular Arabic, are of a ghana nature. Therefore, as far as possible and in terms of the capacity of the target language, accurate translation and interpretation should be used.This article attempts to analyze the Islamic vocabulary and terms of Islamic management regarding the recitation, titles and phrases of the religious leaders who are used in specialized texts. The method of review in this article is to compile the equations from the dictionary and the translated texts and to provide the best expression using the comparative analysis.
> Islamic Thinking, Islamic Management Terms, Specialized Dictionary, Equivalence, Specialist Management Terms
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