:: Using brand new Methods in Transferring Religious Doctrines Based on the Role of Computer Games in Intercultural Management; A Case Study ::

Seyed Mahdi Soheili Moghadam : PhD student : - : - : Information Technology Management : Southern Federal University in Russia :
Behrouz Minaee Bidgoli : PhD : Unknown : Assistant Professor : Engineering and Computer Science : University of Science and Industry(elm o sanat) :

Computer games, as a valuable medium, have the potential to convey religious concepts and teachings, especially in the field of issues related to modern cultural management. The approach and methodology of this study is based on qualitative content analysis that has been selected through targeted selection of "Crusade". The findings of this study show that Dante's Inferno is not a successful example in terms of intercultural management and cultural interactions. But the result of the research shows the capacity of this media among audiences, especially teenagers and young people. The originality and value of this article can be useful for academics, scholars of theology and scholars who wish to use this medium as a unique tool for cultural management and intercultural skills.
> Intercultural Management, Cultural Interaction, International Management, Promoting Religion
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