:: A Study of the Leadership of Prophet Moses (AS) in the face of the children of Israel ::

Behzad Amireteghadi : - : Level 4 Student(PhD) : - : Jurisprudence and Principles : Qom Seminary :
Mohammad Taghii Norouzi : Unknown : Unknown : Assistant Professor : Human resources management : Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute :

This study examines the meaning of the verses of the Qur'an, the Torah, and part of the story to explore the ways in which the Prophets Moses (peace be upon him) used to guide the people of Israel. The data collection method in this study is taken from books related to the guidance of the Prophet Moses, especially from the Holy Quran. In addition, valid narrative books are used, and this information was examined using the Ijtihad method. The Prophet Moses is one of the great prophets from the descendants of Abraham, who was sent to the Gods to lead people to human perfection and new stages of civilization. The Great Divine Prophet saved the Israelites from hypocrisy, racism, hooliganism and atheistic tendencies. One of the great events of this Great Prophet is his revolutionary step against the Egyptian pharaoh and, ultimately, the formation of a revolutionary government. Thus, Moses is a revolutionary, religious and social leader, and therefore the aspects of his leadership in various directions are worthy of discussion. During the mission of the Prophet Moses two main goals were expressed: the fight against the rebellious system of the pharaohs for the continuation of the movement of the former monotheistic movements and the organization of this monotheistic movement with the help of the Israelis and the observation and management of people. The Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) greatly assisted in creating a gigantic, divine and human civilization, such as: Publication of Tawheed, the fight against arrogance, the abolition of aristocrats, salvation.
> Holy Qur'an, Leadership, Prophet Moses (PBUH), the people of Israel
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