:: An analysis of the strategy of the system and systems in Alawite culture and its differences with Western systems ::

Mohammad Bagher Babaei Talatappeh : PhD : Unknown : Associate Professor : Islamic Management : Comprehensive Imam Hossein University(central) :

The main issue of the article is the identity of the system of the systems from the viewpoint of the Quran and the tradition or Alawite culture, and its differences with other systems in the western culture. The article is aimed at explaining the identity and the essence of the system of systems from the viewpoint of the Qur'an and the Sunnah that the method of research is a qualitative type of content analysis and its method of analyzing the argumentation of a method of implicit-oriented ijtihad with the focus of Quran verses of the Holy Qur'an. The result of the research reveals the results that the identity of the system of orders in the Alawite culture is orderly and there are different levels along the length. And human identity is in the concept of culture in the west it is not the result of human thoughts and experiences and human Rather, the system and systems that came with it from God and all its doctrines are somehow documented in the verses and hadiths that return to the infallible Imam And its truth, although it appears to be credible, is a kind of exploration that is discovered and updated from the systems inserted in the celestial scriptures and transmitted by the prophets and the imams. And the best strategy in institutionalizing the religious system is to explain and institutionalize the thoughts of monotheism and penetration in the minds of the nurses.
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