:: Determining the Areas Affecting the Development of Human Resources with the Islamic Approach to Higher Education (Case Study: Ilam University) ::

Marzieh Abdi : Master : Unknown : Unknown : Management of government agencies : Ilam University :
Ali Yasini : PhD : Unknown : Associate Professor : Education Management : Department of Management of Ilam University :
Sajjad Ali Karami : PhD student : Unknown : Unknown : Management of Organizational Behavior : Semnan university :

The purpose of this study was to determine the domains affecting the development of human resources with the Islamic approach to higher education. Methodology of this research is applied in terms of purpose and in terms of data collection method, a descriptive survey type is used. The statistical population of the study is 480 employees and 180 members of the board. Scientific research at Ilam University. Using a simple random sampling method and using Levy and Lamshwy's formula (1990), 193 people were selected. The data were analyzed by SPSS software based on a researcher-made questionnaire. . The validity of the questionnaire was used to evaluate the content validity (CVI and CVR calculations) and the questionnaire was useful. Also, for reliability of the tool, Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used. Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.98. In order to obtain demographic statistics, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, Friedman test and single sample t were used. The results indicated that the eight domains influence the development of human resources with the Islamic approach. The study of the results and mean of the fields at Ilam University showed that the areas of progress of the job path have the most significant effect and organizational culture in this university has the least impact on human resource development In addition, using the Friedman test, the areas of "career path progression" and "education" were identified as the most important areas influencing the development of human resources with the Islamic approach at Ilam University, and also the "organizational culture" didn't play an important role in the community.
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