:: Identification of green production inhibitors and their comparison in very small, medium and small enterprises of Kermanshah ::

Azadeh Mohammadi Zolani : Master : Unknown : Unknown : Entrepreneurship : Department of Entrepreneurship and Rural Development, Ilam University :
Hossein Mahdizadeh : PhD : Unknown : Assistant Professor : Entrepreneurship and Rural Development : Department of Entrepreneurship and Rural Development, Ilam University :
Zohreh Moetamedi Nia : Unknown : Unknown : Assistant Professor : Promotion and education of agriculture : Department of Entrepreneurship and Rural Development, Ilam University :

The purpose of this study was to identify green production inhibitors and compare them with very small, medium and small enterprises in Kermanshah. The statistical population of this study was directors and owners of Kermanshah manufacturing SMEs. This research was descriptive according to the purpose of the application and in terms of collecting data. According to Kermanshah Province Industry and Mine Administration, there were 215 manufacturing companies in Kermanshah, of which 117 were active companies, which were randomly selected as 120 managers and owners. The data collection tool was a closed questionnaire. Its content validity was confirmed by using the comments of 5 experts in entrepreneurship and environment management. A confirmatory factor analysis was used to measure the reliability of the research instrument. According to the findings of the confirmatory factor analysis, fit and meaningful models of greenhouse inhibitory measurements were confirmed. According to the findings, among the greenhouse inhibitors in the manufacturing companies, the "high costs in the short run" and "low environmental knowledge of the producers" and the last priority were assigned to the "political situation", the "high costs" component, as well as the average of the variables of the economic situation, the Political situation, high costs in the short run, low public opinion and poor foreign participation based on the size of companies (very small, small and medium).
> Restrictive factors, green production, very small, small and medium enterprises, Kermanshah ::
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