About Us (History of Formation and Objectives)


A group of graduates of the country held meetings in 2017 to effectively manage some of the country's management issues. In fact, the foundation of this community was the Meftah course, which was held with the approach of Islamic sciences and social studies. The result of this thought and the first step in realizing the goals was the scientific confrontation, so it was intended to publish the research through a scientific and specialized journal in the field of management with a practical and theoretical approach, and ultimately, after widespread follow-up, eventually the group succeeded in Obtaining permission for the contemporary management quarterly in 2018.

Mission and vision

  1. A space for the exchange of ideas and thoughts in the field of management
  2. To motivate researchers to present the country's content in the field of management
  3. Providing solutions to address the country's management challenges and problems

The aims of the publication

The Quarterly began its work with the aim of disseminating research achievements at senior management levels (theoretical and strategic topics). Theoretical discussions would be useful to practical discussions, so practical management topics such as resource management are also on the agenda. The details of it are in the page on the research domain. It is hoped that this will lead to the development and promotion of research and the establishment of scientific communication between researchers in the field of management.
For this purpose, the following aims briefly mention the publication of the journal:

  • Earn profile and improve it for Quarterly
  • Helping to develope and expand management knowledge as the most important country's need based on scientific-research findings
  • Identify and review management capability
  • Realization of national plans and projects in the field of management and development
  • Creating a suitable platform for the exchange of thoughts and information in the scientific, research and student community of the country and the world
  • Publishing the latest research results related to management in the country and the world
  • Helping the Implementation Section in Planning is based on the results of new research
  • Promotion and development of the culture of spreading discourse of criticism in the management of the country and the world
  • Management with Islamic and Iranian views
  • Communication and linkage between scientific, research and applied concepts at different levels of government and science organizations of the country and the world.
  • Creating a suitable platform for presenting new ideas in management through the publication of written works by professors, scholars and researchers.
  • Transfer and exchange of new scientific knowledge and achievements internationally
  • Creating the background for future management thinking in the country and the world
  • Publication of research results and reviews on management issues
  • Synergy of talented and responsible employees to the country and the world
  • Provide applied research with the priority and needs of the country and the world
  • to provide background for the competitive advantage of research
  • Our goal is to expand thinking and understanding.
  • Quarterly helps academics and researchers to share ideas and their latest achievements through a platform and platform.
  • The association and attraction of professors and students based on the four languages ​​of the publication (according to the priorities of the countries and universities reached by the agreement of the founding board of the journal).
  • Introduction of new graduates and scholars to the cycle of management researchers
  • A view at management across borders with the Islamic management's attitude

As stated, Quarterly is the first step in the future and is defined to meet the goals of this scientific gathering, and ultimately, by identifying the optimal group of the next steps, the formation of the association and the assignment of the quarterly to the Association will be next steps.

Obviously, according to the principle of merit, none of the positions defined in the journal will be fixed, and after the defined periods, changes will be made according to the merits of each individual.

This publication invites all professors, researchers and experts inside and outside the country to submit their articles to help achieve these goals and contribute to the development of national science and technology.