Policies and measures related to plagiarism:

Quarterly policy on the application of ethics in publishing and following plagiarism is clear. The journal respects the intellectual property of both natural and legal persons and counts the maximum permissible degree of articles up to 35%. Therefore, all writers are expected to adhere to ethics in the publication and to avoid any plagiarism. Review the plagiarism quarterly by the relevant human resources and specialized software and if the authors are found to be plagiarized and the authors fail to respond within the specified time, the following action will be taken:

  • The article in question is removed from the site and from the file where the article was published.
  • The authorities in charge of the university listed at the academic address of the offenders will be informed.
  • offenders are obliged to compensate the material and moral damage caused to the publication.

The Quarterly utilizes relevant agents such as Samit Noor and ithenticate to diagnose scientific-plagiarism.
These two brokers are the best at detecting plagiarism that check for similarities, however, if these systems fail to detect future plagiarism, they will act according to the above command. It will also attempt to review articles by utilizing other online software, some of which are listed below, and eventually by storing them in the necessary documentation archive.